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I'm shy...

 In Case You Want to Know.....

My name is Grace. Well... it's actually my middle name.

I am a eighteen year old girl who currently lives in Ireland.

I'm black (Nigerian)

I'm Christian.

youtube blimey cow
Uh huh

I am an INFP (but partly INFJ).

I find it easier for me to communicate with people online than in real life. In real life, I seem reserved to most people, Hence the name "Somewhat Reserved".

Extra Information

I don't mind if you want me to check out your blog even though I'm basically following half the blogs on this website but I don't mind unless you're a sleazy scumbag who uses people for views. Especially if you're a fellow European/Nigerian. I feel lonely on the blogosphere *cries*

My favourite food is Jollof rice

Best rice in the world

Pink is my favourite colour and also the best one, of course.

I like to read and write and I love learning languages (Spanish and Korean). Hablo poco español pero me gustaría chatear en español contigo. I'd like to improve! :D

I'd like to use this blog to review books, talk about books, YouTubers and things that happen in my life.

I have unpopular (negative) opinions about some pretty popular books. If you don't like seeing different opinions, this blog isn't the right one for you 😂

You can find out more facts about me here ,  here  and also here!

I'm also pretty random so yeah....


If you want to be friends, don't be shy. 'Cause I'm shy. Yeah ._.


  1. Oh I love Spanish and Korean! Know some words, but otherwise wanting to learn them in the future. You don't perhaps watch Spanish and Korean Dramas do you??

    1. What? WHAT?! You like Korean? I never knew that! Oh my gosh! I started to grow an interest in Korea during late 2014.

      Spanish Dramas? I haven't really found any that I like... I usually find dramas that are about drug lords and stuff... I actually want to watch Spanish dramas that are more like Korean dramas or that are not about drugs lords. Do you have any recommendations?

      Korean dramas? HECK YES! I like Korean dramas! I've watched School 2015, My Love From The Star and Sassy GO Go.

  2. OOOOh, you have such interesting facts here! I have never heard of Jollof Rice, but it looks incredible! And your blog is totally adorable, by the way! :)

    1. Ah, thank you :)) Yup, jollof rice is really awesome :D

  3. Hello! I'm a Christian too, and Blimey Cow is the best!!! XD
    I'm also a INFJ, but not partly, just fully! ;D

    Your blog is so cute, and I've been looking around (stalking) for a few minutes, and it's really cool.
    I'm looking forward to reading more!

    -Gray Marie

    1. Yay! *high fives*

      Okay xD

      Thanks so much! (I've never really heard someone refer to my blog as cute before xD)

    2. It is cute! The layout is different from average, and it's simple, which is really nice. Sometimes it's hard to find my way around blogs, but yours is easy! :)

    3. Thanks again. I tried so hard to find a simple grid layout but a lot of them mess up my blog. I'm glad I found this one!


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